Thursday, February 3, 2011

1st Side of Chronic Town

Well, as I was playing with the banjo tuning on my guitar, the high e broke, so I Believe will have to wait another day.  As a peace offering, Wolves, Lower ... Gardening At Night ... and Carnival Of Sorts (Boxcars) from Me vs. Chronic Town ...

Wolves, Lower

Definitely rusty to start and after the first verse you can see why I need a singer to help with the project.  Alan does a great job, he does tend to be a little free with the lyrics, but in the end isn't Michael as well ...

Gardening At Night

Always nervous about the opening riff, but I pretty much nailed it.  If I do say so myself ... always fun to play the ending of this song ...

Carnival Of Sorts

The riff at the beginning is somehow tricky to get to in the middle as you want to be rocking all the way through, but we made it work.  This is where Alan and I started warming up ... "Stranger to this place ... "

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