Saturday, January 29, 2011

Barnaby Wilde vs.Chronic Town Mini Movie

In round 1 of my attack on Chronic Town, I would say it was a tie.  Things I learned: 1) This album was meant for an electric guitar and a full band to be played at top speed, 2) I need an acoustic guitar with a built in pickup, 3) More rehearsal, 4) Always ask for more monitor.

I've created this mini movie of the night, or I should say, Flip created it.  I am in the process of editing individual pieces to post in the coming weeks.  All in all it sounds good.  At the beginning of this first live presentation, I thought I would have a drummer, 2 singers, and another guitar, but that considerably thinned.  In fact, up until the night before,  I still had the other guitar player but the Nor'easter put the bollocks on that.  That said, I am very pleased with the turn out and the performance and it encourages me to try to put up Chronic Town again by March.  Special thanks to my friend Alan who, even though he has very little knowledge of early R.E.M., did a great job singing lead when I had my hands full ...


  1. Sounds like it was a really successful night - congratulations, Barnaby! Tell Alan he did great from me, too. :)

    Also good to see the inclusion of "Radio Free Europe" in the set. And was that "Narrator" I heard at the beginning? Sweet!

    Yours truly,

  2. Definitely sound checked with 'Narrator' but I didn't get the whole song recorded so it probably won't get posted ...

  3. That was awesome Barnaby! You were so good on the guitar:)